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Hypertroja Wonderland – Germany
Virtual Stages Against Violence

Hypertroja Wonderland – Germany

Hypertroja Wonderland – Germany

Hyper-TrojaIt is a modern myth – modern life is changing, shifting gradually into virtual worlds. HYPERTROJA WONDERLAND is the most secure server in the world, it promises what reality has lost:  living space, unlimited possibilities, the prospect of veracity. Life in cyberspace is easier, nicer, better, so they say. But as easy as it is to reinvent oneself in a virtual environment, it is as easy to destroy these spaces and identities. But as the historical counterpart, the ancient Troy, HYPERTROJA WONDERLAND will be destroyed as well. Cassandra cries, her warnings fabe away unheard …

Author Felix Kracke and director Marcel Kohl developed a performance for the progressing metamorphosis of human life into the digital world: development of communication, entertainment, goods, money and emotional currents. The performance follows the structure of the Trojan War, from Helena’s escape from Sparta to the cunning of the Greeks and their unauthorized access to Troy, through a false identity.

HYPERTROJA WONDERLAND tells about humankind: its love and grief, its envy and hatred, and the fact that in the digital world we are still the ones that talk, write, act, love, hate, kill. In the past as ell as in the present we humans are our own enemy.

HYPERTROJA WONDERLAND is directed by Marcel Kohl. The texts are from fledgling writer Felix Kracke.

Dates for the Play:

General dates: 05.04.2012, 8:00pm, 06.04.2012, 8:00pm und 07.04.2012, 8:00pm in the Theaterhaus Jena

School Play: 22.05.2012, 10:00am und 23.05.2012 6:00pm

After the school play we plan to have a discussion with teachers and students. The School Play is free of costs.

Because there is limited seating, we like you to order/reserve your tickets in the Theaterhaus Jena under info@theaterhaus-jena.de or 03641 88 69 – 44.

The implementation of the performance was created in collaboration with the Theaterhaus Jena, the Bewegungsküche e.V., Carpe Noctem and with the Thüringer Volkshochschulverband e.V..