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Virtual Stages Against Violence



VSAV – “Virtual Stage Against Violence” is an innovative project which tackles the risks young people face when using new media and technologies. Considering that the internet has increasingly become the main source of information and communication, it can be a source of risks as well, especially for young people (e.g. distorted messages, false identities and violent representations of reality). Despite risks, our intentions is to not demonize new technologies. Instead our idea is to develop tools to properly use new technologies, to help young people enjoy and benefit its positive potential for their growth and daily life.


The project activities combine different tools in an innovative way, connecting a new media like Videogames and a traditional one like the Theatre, by enhancing young people’s creative potential (aged from 14-16). They will be the actors and beneficiaries of a creative process to develop a videogame online and a theatre production, with the support of both theatre and internet professionals and educators. The purpose of the videogame is to raise young people’s awareness about the risks related to an improper use of new technologies in an amusing way. Both the threats and positive aspects of New Media will be the theme of the theatrical production, in which young people will actively participate as creators of the idea and as members of the audience as well. The pedagogical experts will create a “Toolkit” based on the result of the activities and addressed to professionals in the educational field (educators, teachers, organisations that work with young people) to implement pedagogical activities and disseminate the project outcomes when it will be over.


The project aims to achieve the following specific objectives:

  1. Clearly identify habits and behaviours of target groups in their use of new technologies.
  2. Identify all potential risks related to the target groups in order to identify afterwards the measures to avoid them.
  3. Create educational activities and an interactive game designed to increase young people’s understanding of potentially negative impacts of media and new technologies and offer them the opportunity to learn how to avoid them.
  4. Introduce young people in the role of creators of a theatrical production through the use of different media, with potentially the most violent impact.
  5. Indicate the right use and consumption of media.
  6. Create communication tools in order to reach a large number of final beneficiaries.


The expected results of the project are:

  1. the creation of a clear map of habits and behaviours of the target group in using new technologies;
  2. the creation, through children’s direct involvement and creativity, of specific tools to defend themselves and improve their ability to use new technologies;
  3. the improvement of the skills of young people to properly use new technologies, through their direct participation in the management of these tools.